Guest Policy 


Healing Space


EarthRoots' mission and vision is to promote the healing of QTIPOC and allies in safe(r) space. We expect all visitors to hold an intention for healing for themselves, for others, or for the land.


EarthRoots believes in diversity in ways and forms of healing, and that only an individual can know what works best for them. Please honor and respect people's healing processes, choices, and practices. 

QTIPOC Centered Space

EarthRoots is a Queer, Trans, and Intersex People of Color-centered rural land space. We do not exclude the use of space for allies (white, straight, cis, able etc.), we reserve the right to limit their use of the space in order to prioritize and center QTIPOCs and their needs.


(Please refer to the Allyship Guide for more information)

Safe(r) Space

EarthRoots strives to create a safe(r) space for everyone to enjoy during their stay here. As such, we ask everyone to 

  • Treat everyone with respect and dignity.

  • Be mindful of your speech and actions and the effects they may have on others.

  • Respect the diversity, sacred spaces, privacy, and cultures of other people.

  • Do not make assumptions about people’s identities in terms of gender, race, sexuality, ability, class, background, or experiences.

  • Take responsibility for themselves, communicating their boundaries and needs as clearly as possible and asking for help when it is needed with the understanding that the answer to requests may be yes, maybe or no.

  • Respect people’s boundaries and always interact with others’ consent, be it physically, emotionally, verbally, or energetically.

Drugs, Alcohol, and other External Intoxicating Substances Free Space

EarthRoots strives to provide a healing space free of drugs, alcohol, and other external intoxicating substances. People have various relationships with those substances, some of which have been very harmful. The effects of being around others who use those substances can be triggering and detrimental to ones' healing process. Please do not bring them to the land. If you have a medicinal need such as medicinal marijuana, please let us know when you contact us about coming to the land. We will check-in with other visitors and caretakers and might arrange a different time for your visit or decline your visit at that time, if necessary.

If we find that you brought substances on the land without prior consent, we reserve the right to ask you to leave immediately.

Neighbors & Local Community

EarthRoots recognizes that as a QTIPOC centered healing land space in Southern Oregon, our neighborhood can be challenging for QTIPOC visitors. There are few people of color and few queer folks. Despite this, most people here are respectful and friendly. We ask visitors to approach neighbors with courtesy and friendliness as well. If you have any questions about our neighbors and the local community, please talk with one of the caretakers.

Conservation & Mindful Resource Use

EarthRoots recognizes our sacred role as caretakers of land and we understand that our work here has impact on the land as well as globally. We currently draw electricity from the main power grid, while recognizing and remembering that most power companies use coal as their primary fuel source and as such are big contributors to global climate change. As we move towards installing renewable energy systems, we ask visitors to be mindful and limit their electricity use while on the land.

Furthermore, our water source is a luscious mountain spring which has been sadly limited by the recent drought in the West. We are in the process of installing additional water collection systems and tanks as well as outhouses and outdoor solar showers. Again, until then, we ask all visitors to limit their water usage while they are on the land; please use showers and indoor toilets only as needed. Please talk to a caretaker if you have access needs that require lots of cleaning or high levels of water usage.

As people living in United States, we remember that most of us are very privileged to have regular access to electricity as well clean water, and that that is a product of and contributor to imperialism around the globe. The average American household of 4 uses about 400 gallon of water each day (Click for Report) and an average of 909 kWh of electricity per month (Click for Report). Meanwhile, 18% of the people in the world (or 1.3 billion) continue to live without access to electricity (Click for Report), and 1 in 10 people (or 663 million people) in the world don't have access to safe water (Click for Report). EarthRoots is committed to providing a safe and relaxing healing land space, but we recognize that it is a privilege to have access to these precious resources we have available at EarthRoots. We ask all visitors to consider questions of their current resource use at home as well as while at the land such as how we use it, why we use it, and how much we use.