QTIPOC Artist/Activist Retreat


EarthRoots is excited to offer QTIPOC artists and activists a place on the land to work on their creative endeavors or political projects. We believe art and activism are forms of healing. QTIPOC artist/activist can schedule a retreat for anywhere from 1 week to 1 month throughout the year at no cost. (Donations are appreciated, but not required.) 


We will provide basic necessities including indoor accommodation, bulk food items, linens, toiletries, electricity, water use, internet access, etc. You will provide for your own food, supplies for your work, and transportation.

Retreats are self-directed with the intention that you know best how to use the land for exploration and inspiration. Caretakers are available to assist with logistical needs such as getting to the land and orientation around the land & facilities. Availability is on first come, first serve basis.

Please review the Visiting EarthRoots and Visitor Policy for more information about the land space.

Please email us at earthrootsproject@gmail.com if you are interested or have any questions.