We believe that connection to the land is a powerful means to nurture healing. Capitalism and systematic oppression continue to benefit from the separation of people from the land as a legacy of colonization, physically (through genocide, land theft, slavery, gentrification, and other processes), mentally (through concepts of property, ownership, and exploitation) and spiritually (through the erasure of our ancestral memory and our beliefs and practices of interdependence).


We want QTIPOC folks to feel that they deserve a relationship to land that is not rooted in commodification and property ownership. EarthRoots exists as a land space for QTIPOC to rebuild our physical, mental, and spiritual relationship to the earth that sustains us, on our own terms. We see this space as a resource for QTIPOC folks and allies to do the healing work that nourishes them, and as a retreat from the hustle and bustle of their daily grind. Through individual and group visits, gatherings, workshops, lovers’ retreats, and skill shares (and more!), EarthRoots offers a space to create magical moments for healing and reconnection.


EarthRoots is a space for healing justice movements to be nurtured and thrive. We envision EarthRoots as both part of and creator of mutual aid networks that support the healing of QTIPOC folks. We hope that those who visit us will build community and family that extends beyond themselves and this land project.


Our Vision

EarthRoots is a rural land space by and for queer, trans, and intersex people of color dedicated to our personal, interpersonal, and collective healing by means of land and community. We believe that connection to the land is a powerful tool to nurture the healing of our minds, bodies, and spirits from systemic oppression. Our mission is to support QTIPOCs and allies in increasing their capacity and resilience within liberation work and movements while at the same time creating deeper relationships with the land around them, themselves, and others.

Mission Statement