Apply to be a Landmate


Becoming a landmate at EarthRoots is a great opportunity to get a taste of rural living while supporting a fantastic QTIPOC healing land project.


Full details about Landmates are shown below. If you have any further questions, please email us at

Living Arrangement

Currently, there is one room at the main house and a small cabin available. If an individual has a trailer they want to park on the land, space is available for that arrangement. Summer tent camping is available as well. 


This is a on-the-grid experience of rural living. Comfort and country all in one. Wi-Fi internet, hot shower, 


Month-to-Month Rent

  • Deposit: $300 refundable at move-out(minus damages & clean-up if necessary)

  • Room inside the house: $375/month

  • Cabin: $250/month 

  • RV Parking: $200/month (Your RV must be driveable or you have a vehicle that can toll it, in case of emergency requiring evacuation)

  • Amounts above includes Wi-Fi internet, electricity, toilet paper, dish soap, and land/infrastructure maintenance & improvement(Propane for trailers not included)

  • Use of bulk/community food $25 per month

  • Use of our washer and dryer is available for an additional $5 per week

Who we are looking for?

Landmates are

  • excited rural living, even this is your first time exploring this lifestyle

  • honor and hold space for the vision and mission of EarthRoots as a QTIPOC healing land space

  • commit to social justice as it relates to race, class, gender, sexual orientations, bodies, disability, and other forms of systematic and interpersonal oppression

  • make timely rent payment

  • Cover repair costs that you cause 

  • Direct and clear communication & commitments

QTIPOC & Allies are Welcome!!!

We believe it is a collective effort to achieve healing and liberation for Queer, Trans, and Intersex People of Color. In order to achieve our mission and vision of EarthRoots as a healing land space, we are excited to invite all individuals who identify as QTIPOC and allies of QTIPOC to apply as caretakers to help bring this vision into reality!

If you have any questions about becoming a caretaker, please contact us at