Become a EarthRoots Caretaker


We are seeking individuals who are excited to live on the land to help cultivate and grow the dream vision of EarthRoots.  Caretakers commit to staying and working from 3 months to 12 months. Longer-term stays can be discussed after your 12-month stay here.

Please complete Caretaker Application if you are interested in becoming an EarthRoots Caretaker.


Full details about Caretaker Opportunity are shown below. If you have any further questions, please email us at

Opportunities Available

There are many opportunities to plug in as a caretaker! We understand everyone has different accessibility needs and capacities. As a healing land space, care and support of our caretakers takes priority.

You can work on:

  • Gardening and Land Maintenance (Available Now)

     +Planning, setting up, and tending to the herb, flower, vegetable, fruit gardens, greenhouse, etc.

     +Cleaning & clearing old growth, debris, maintaining road and trails, etc.

     +Create proposal for land development

     +Organize monthly gardening and landscaping project

     +Bottomline work parties for larger gardening/landscaping projects

  • Building and Infrastructure (Available Now)

      +Setting up access facilities such as wheelchair ramps, bathroom handles, leveling uneven grounds around the buildings and campsites

      +Planning and building outhouses (composting toilets, outdoor kitchen, work shed/barn, animal housing, etc.)

      +Planning, setting up, and maintaining greywater, rainwater, spring well system, trenches, etc.

      +Planning, building, and maintaining solar panels, wind turbine, backup generator, etc.

      +Organize monthly building projects

      +Bottomline work parties for larger building projects

  • Fundraising & Social Media (Available Soon)

      +Regularly update EarthRoots' social media network (Website, Facebook, Instagram, listserv, etc.)

      +Promote EarthRoots to QTIPOC community and allies and do outeach

      +Promote work parties, events, and gatherings

      +Research and apply for grants for the land project

      +Work with groups and organizations to organize "local" fundraisers

      +Track donations, income, and grants

      +Organize quarterly fundraising campaign

  • Wellness Support (Available Soon)

      +Provide wellness support to caretakers, visitors, and local community

      +Wellness support can include but not limited to medical aid, bodywork, energy work, spiritual crafts, counseling, conflict mediation, etc.

      +Bottomline quarterly social and healing justice study group

      +Bottomline bi-monthly community care/self care workshop

Living Arrangement

Currently, there is one room available at the main house and a small cabin. Additionally, if an individual has a trailer they want to park on the land, we can make arrangements to do so. Summer tent camping is available as well. For long term/permanent caretakers, we can discuss building a permanent living structure such a yurt or cabin on the land after your 12 months stay.

Monetary Contribution & Work Trade

We understand that everyone's access to monetary resources can vary, especially considering that when moving to a rural area, it can take time to establish a job. We do expect each caretaker make a monthly monetary contribution on a sliding scale range based on living arrangement and job status as well as contribute 20 hours per month work trade "labor". Labor will vary depending on position and season.  If you can contribute more "labor" hours, we can discuss reduction in monetary contribution during your interview but that does not cover household cost.

  • Room inside the house: $250-350/month 

  • RV Parking: $100-175/month (Your RV must be driveable or you have a vehicle that can toll it, in case of emergency requiring evacuation.)

  • Summer tent camping: $10-25/week (includes internet and use of the house kitchen, and contribution to the maintenance/improvement fund)

  • Amounts above includes Wi-Fi internet, electricity, toilet paper, dish soap, and land/infrastructure maintenance & improvement(Propane for trailers not included)

  • Use of our washer and dryer is available for an additional $2-5 per week.

Roles & Expectations

Caretakers understand and agree to up hold the following roles & expectations:

  • Honor and hold space for the vision and mission of EarthRoots as a QTIPOC healing land space

  • Commit to social justice as it relates to race, class, gender, sexual orientations, bodies, disability, and other forms of systematic and interpersonal oppression

  • Make timely monthly monetary contribution

  • Must have your own vehicle or regular modes of transportation(we live over 8 miles(15 minutes drive) from any stores. We do not have any land vehicle for community use at the moment.

  • Self-initiate work and projects, work unsupervised

  • Manage well balance life between land work, personal needs, off land time, etc.

  • Accountable for the amount of "labor" contribute

  • Responsible for chores on rotational basis

  • Consistently attend group meetings

  • Coordinate monthly project with other caretakers

  • Participate in monthly land work projects

     +Participation will be adjusted based on the capacity, ability, and access need of each caretaker

  • Bottomline larger projects

  • Regularly report back to the group regarding the progress on projects they bottomline

  • Collectively develop and implement policies and guidelines for living together on the land

  • Help with development of the Sustainability Legacy Plan for EarthRoots

  • Help with community hosting logisitics

  • Participate in a quarterly social and healing justice study group

  • Participate in an annual retreat

  • Cover repair costs that you cause 

QTIPOC & Allies are Welcome!!!

We believe it is a collective effort to achieve healing and liberation for Queer, Trans, and Intersex People of Color. In order to achieve our mission and vision of EarthRoots as a healing land space, we are excited to invite all individuals who identify as QTIPOC and allies of QTIPOC to apply as caretakers to help bring this vision into reality!

If you have any questions about becoming a caretaker, please contact us at