Apply for a Landternship


EarthRoots Landternship is a great opportunity to get a taste of living rurally while supporting a fantastic QTIPOC healing land project. One of the amazing thing about being an landtern at EarthRoots is landterns can choose to focus their time here on variety of projects to complete for EarthRoots during their time here. Below is a list of types of projects landterns can focus on. If you have an idea for a project not listed, feel free to propose it in your application. Landterns are expected to commit 1-3 months to complete their project(s). While we do expect Landterns to ulitize their time here towards completing their selected project(s), the healing and wellness of our Landterns are very important. Each landtern will be paired with a caretaker to do weekly check-ins, provide wellness & healing support, update status of project(s), and discuss support needed to complete the project(s). 

Please complete our Landtern Application if you are interested in becoming a landstern.

Project Wishlist

EarthRoots Landternship can choose project(s) from any area(s) below. 

  • Herbal & Vegetable Garden

  • Fruit Orchard & Berry Arbor

  • Greenhouse

  • Outbuildings(Outdoor Kitchen, Toilets, Shed, Barns, etc.)

  • Cabins & Living Spaces

  • Water Collection System(Rainwater, Greywater, Spring System, etc.) 

  • Campsite Development

  • Forestry & Landscaping

  • Alternaive Power Systems

  • Fundraising & Outreach

  • Healing & Wellness Event or Workshop

  • Art & Craft

  • Food Making


Project Proposal


EarthRoots landsterns can propose a project they believe will be supportive of EarthRoots' work. All project proposals will be reviewed and approved by Chi Mei Tam, our main caretaker and owner of the land. Landsterns must complete their proposed project during their stay. Landterns will plan, organize, budget, and execute their project(s). 

Stay Arrangements


Landterns can apply to stay anytime of the year. The best time to do most projects is between March through October. During those times, we ask landterns to bring tents for camping. We have limited indoor spaces are prioritize for individuals with physical needs. Landterns may bring a RV or trailer for their housing needs as long as they are able to remove their vehicle off the land by the end of their stay. Depending on availability of indoor spaces, we may refuse applicants for Landternship during Winter.

Landtern Fees


As part of their project selection or proposal, landterns are asked to provide a budget for the monetary cost to complete their project(s), including tools, supplies, materials, etc. We can assist with budgeting the cost of the project. Landtern fees will be the monetary cost to support and complete the project. Depending the nature of the projects, EarthRoots may matched up to $100 of the project cost. This will be determined by our caretakers. Landsterns must deposit 25% of the cost one week before you arrive, then 50% of the cost at the time of arrival with the rest by the last week of your stay. Funds will be held in a special account for use of the project. We highly encourage them to fundraise the cost of the project. Contact us if you need assistance with fundraising. We want to support you in supporting us. If landterns can provide all tools, supplies, materials for their project(s), they must bring all items to land at the beginning of their stay.  You can check with us to see what tools are available on the lands. We do ask a $25 deposit one week prior to your arrival which will be given back in full once they arrived. The deposit represents your commitment. If you cancel, your either deposit will not be refunded and it will go towards general funds. If landterns are not able to finish their project before expected timeframe, we may discuss extended stay. If landterns cannot stay to finish their project, depending on the stages of the projects, caretakers have the discretion to finish, leave it as is, or dismantle the project for use of other projects. Funds already deposited for the project will not be refunded. Landterns are expected to provide for their own food during their stay. There are collective bulk food items which Landterns can use for $20-50 per month.